Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

21 09 2009

The digital artists that I choose to focus on this week are Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, a husband and wife team based in Brooklyn, New York. These artists work primarily with film, interactive media, performance, and installation. The project that is featured on is that of Horror Chase, a 2002 remake of a chase sence from  the classic cult/horror film Evil Dead II, which interestingly enough is essentially a remake of the first Evil Dead. Film on 16mm film then digitized, the couple shot the scene on a 1,000 square foot set. Once digitized, the film is run through a software which randomly plays back the footage in interevals of forward and reverse, making the subject seem like he is either running away or towards the thing that is chasing him. The scene is played back the same way twice. The couple traveled from new media festival to festival with this project in a suitcase, which had an embedded screen inside which showed the scene (or could have projected it on a wall).

Screen captions from Horror Chase, 2002


From what I can tell, this project is addressing the notion of movement, and perhaps at the same time is

commenting on the horror genre. Whats interesting is that during this chase scene, the person being chased with at time chase the attacker. This is something that one does not typically see in a horror film. As Jennifer points out in the wiki article, their algorithm for fast forwarding and reversing the film “[hangs] up the

narrative,” which is a interesting notion.   What confuses me though is that the couple decided to re-make the scene. Considering other works that they have done (Starsky and Hutch reediting work in which they used the actual footage), i’m unsure as to why they choose to make their own version. I’m not sure if this has a different meaning then if they had used the origanal film footage and ran that through their algorithm, but I personally think that had they used the original footage it would have been more interesting.




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